The Welcome Home Movie

A deep and powerful film was released this year that tells the story of a group of veterans from different wars who come together to share their stories and -- hopefully -- begin to heal. The film was directed and produced by Kim Shelton together with her co-producer Bill McMillan. The film has much to tell us about the consequences of violent conflict and how much we need our veterans plus civilian witnesses of war to help us create peace. You can learn more about the film and how to get involved at The Welcome.

Here the film's description: "The Welcome offers a fiercely intimate view of life after war: the fear, anger and isolation of post-traumatic stress that affects vets and family members alike. As we join them in a small room for an unusual five day healing retreat, we witness how the ruins of war can be transformed into the beauty of poetry. Here our perceptions are changed, our psyches strained, and our hearts broken. And at the end, when this poetry is shared with a large civilian audience, we begin to understand that all of us are a vital piece of the Welcome as Veterans try to find the way back home. Their examples of unflinching honesty, courage and love lift us up, inspiring all of us once again to feel our common humanity, always the first casualty of war."