Parker J. Palmer's endorsement for "The Sword"

Today I got a fantastic blurb for the cover of the book from Parker J. Palmer (author of Let Your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness, and The Courage to Teach). I admire Parker Palmer's writing, his compassion, and wisdom, and I am grateful for his friendship and support. Parker helped me figure out who I was supposed to be when I grew up, and then inspired me to begin writing the book and continue through many drafts, believing I had something of value to offer.

Parker says: This is a remarkable book about the lives of two remarkable men. One is John R. Rice, editor of The Sword of the Lord newspaper, whose life's work was a taproot of American fundamentalism. The other is Rice's grandson, Andy Himes, whose journey took him from fundamentalism through Maoism to Microsoft, bringing him finally to a place where he could write candidly and compassionately about a man and a movement we must understand if we want to understand America. A brilliant mix of social analysis and high drama (in which people like Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Bob Jones, Jr., play supporting roles), the book will make you wince sometimes and at other times open your eyes, gifting you with the hard-won insight that allowed its author to recount this personal and historical tale.