A Model of Civility - Jon Stewart

An eloquent and thoughtful discourse from Jon Stewart at the beginning of The Daily Show on Monday. I really loved hearing from Jon that it was possible to call for respect and wisdom from all of us who live in this democracy and share responsibility for the tone of our dialogue -- without needing to blame anybody other than the shooter -- for last week's murderous rampage in Arizona. Sometimes crazy people do crazy things, and you just don't know what might have set someone off.  I also liked hearing him note that it would ‚Äúbe really nice if the ramblings of crazy people didn‚Äôt at all resemble the way people talk to each other on TV.‚Äù    My big question is, What would it take for us to learn how to listen to each other rather than beating each other up? How do we talk across the big divides that separate us?

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Arizona Shootings Reaction
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