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Illegal Use of a Bullhorn

Andy Himes in 1970By the fall of 1969, frequent demonstrations against the war had become a major irritant to the Regents of the University of Wisconsin, and they passed a law forbidding the use of loud speaking equipment on the public college campuses of Wisconsin for any political purpose.


A new friend of mine, Mark Jones, met the Dalai Lama a few years ago, and asked him for his thoughts on how to work for peace. DL said, simply, "People want to be heard, seen, and loved in that order."

Once upon a time a man was journeying...

This past weekend, I spent my time with forty others on Whidbey Island, Washington at a retreat on "The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter" -- a practice for all who aspire to learn and find new ways of working with others to create innovative and comprehensive solutions. The Art of Hosting is also a leadership practise focused on creating organizational learning, development and change through meaningful conversations that support commitment and ownership and release the power of collective intelligence.