So Little Time


My granddad was a prolific gospel songwriter,  producing scores of songs and publishing them in two volumes of revival songs. He never took a piano lesson, but composed by sitting at the big black grand piano in the living room and plunking out a simple melody and harmony with two fingers. Often his baritone voice would be accompanied by the silken yowls of his collie, Flicka. One of his daughters (all of whom were accomplished pianists) then took his rough outline of the song and its lyrics, arranged it in four part harmony, and produced sheet music. Many of these songs were then sung by the Voice of Revival choir on his nationwide radio broadcast.

So Little Time was a revival song by John R. Rice, sung by his six daughters, Grace MacMullen, Libby Handford, Mary Lloys Himes (my mom), Jessie Sandberg, Joanna Rice, and Joy Martin. The location of the video was the Sword of the Lord National Soul-Winners Conference, Cobo Hall in Detroit, 1978.