This Little Light of Mine

In the 1950s, my granddad, John R. Rice, produced a series of 30-minute films designed to be shown in fundamentalist churches. One was titled Bringing in the Sheaves, the story of a young woman who is distraught after her mother's death and leaves home for the big city of Chicago, attracted by the bright lights and adventures she imagines she might have there. She is discovered at the train platform in Wheaton by my granddad and is taken home with him to live with his family (my grandmother and various aunts). She narrowly escapes various satanic temptations (such as movie magazines) and ends up repenting of her sins and getting saved.

In the middle of the film is the following video of me, my brother, and my two sisters in our grandparents home in Wheaton singing This Little Light of Mine. I am standing on the far right next to my dad. My grandmother, Lloys Cooke Rice, is the second woman from the left. the grand piano was moved into the house in 1941 by Billy Graham, who ran a little moving company while he was a student at Wheaton College.