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Bradford Molsen, where are you?

MSFT internet magazine archiveI can play the clip in my head any time I want. The sun shines brightly on a clear, crisp day in November 1961. I am coming in off the playground with my sixth-grade class at Holmes School in Wheaton, Illinois. The boys are horsing around, jockeying for position in line, cutting up. We’ve just come up a slight, grassy incline onto the hard, cracked asphalt.

The creation of hope

Jogging around Green Lake in Seattle early this morning with my friend Mike, and we caught this stunning view of the sunrise. The air was still and calm, temperature just above freezing, the black bare branches of the trees framing the mirrored sky. A few minutes after Mike snapped this photo, we stopped by a dock so that Mike could practice -- with me as his trial audience -- a talk he will be giving soon to a philanthropy conference in another state. With this view behind him, Mike gave me a 4-minute speech.

Egyptian Democracy?

This morning I find myself glued to the radio listening to ongoing coverage of what appears to be a powerful democratic revolution being waged by hundreds of thousands of unarmed protesters on the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, and other major cities.

A Model of Civility - Jon Stewart

An eloquent and thoughtful discourse from Jon Stewart at the beginning of The Daily Show on Monday. I really loved hearing from Jon that it was possible to call for respect and wisdom from all of us who live in this democracy and share responsibility for the tone of our dialogue -- without needing to blame anybody other than the shooter -- for last week's murderous rampage in Arizona. Sometimes crazy people do crazy things, and you just don't know what might have set someone off.