The best listener

Perhaps the steepest challenge any of us face is being able to look at the world from someone else's point of view. So when I meet people who have beliefs I consider inane or reprehensible, my first instinct is to judge, condemn, and reject them, and then to explain exactly how they are wrong because I am sure if they only use a little common sense they will see the world my way. Over the past years of writing my book, I learned that the world is richer and more interesting if I begin by asking honest, positive questions, and then listen intently so I can learn from others.

Stories from the Shack - Jim Henderson and Wm. Paul Young

May 8th in Seattle, my friend Jim Henderson is introducing an amazing and ambitious show, starring Paul Young, author of the powerful and provocative novel "The Shack," which has shaken the Christian publishing world as no novel has done in the past century. It's the story of a man confronting some painful memories from his past in a little cabin in the Northwest wilderness, and in the company of -- brace yourself -- the Trinity, one of whose members is God the Parent, represented in the story by an African American woman.