Black Nativity in Seattle

black nativity himes

Black Nativity is a Christmas musical first performed on New York's Broadway in 1961. Described by its author, Langston Hughes, as a "gospel song play," Black Nativity is a rousing and deeply moving re-telling of the birth of Jesus from the point of view of African Americans, using the musical forms, rhythms, staging, and lively tradition of black gospel music.

Old engines out, bilge gets a bath

I arrived at CSR Marine bright and early (at 11 AM) on Wednesday. The new engines arrived late last week, delivered by a MER Equipment truck. The big crane at CSR Marine pulled Seven Bells out of the water, where it had been hiding in a covered shed to minimize damage to the exterior varnish by the bright September and October sunlight -- no kidding! -- and set the boat down on blocks in the big metal shed at CSR's new facility in Ballard.

On the death of my mother and the nature of love

mary lloys rice On Tuesday afternoon, October 4, 2011, my sister Faith called from Chattanooga and said, “Mom’s gone.” I heard a rushing sound in my ears and my heart thumped and I said the most profound thing I could think of, which was, “Oh my.” Then I leaned against the wall as Faith told me the details—our 86-year-old Mom was walking down the hall when she just fell down and was gone that fast, likely it was her heart that gave out—and Faith